I am not pizza- Fear vs Faith

I have been reading Jen Hatmaker's book "For the Love" for a while now. I read some, put it down, and then pick it back up and read some more. It's my stage of life I guess. Anyway, she admits in her chapter "Tell the Truth" that when her renovation show came out on HGTV, she began to question everything and wondered what people would think of her etc etc. She decided she would just own that she was struggling and tell the truth.

So, that's where I am today, just here telling the truth. I love the idea of this new site. I struggle with the idea of this new site. I wonder if it's too "me, me, me." I mean the name of the site is 'Ashley Fisher' for goodness sake. Yet, I know this is the "next step" God has called me to right now, today. 

I have been trying to pinpoint where my issue has been with starting a new blog and site and putting myself out there again and honestly, it's just fear. Fear of what people will think. The only problem with this irrational fear is 1) I will never be able to control what people think of me no matter how hard I try. 2) I am not pizza, not everyone is going to like me. Period. 3) Fear of what people think is such a trap; it's paralyzing for me and hinders me from what God has called me to and deep in my heart. 4) Fear and Faith cannot coexist. I can either have fear of people or have faith in what I know God has told me. 

I want to be fearless, embracing the truth of what I know God thinks of me instead of being wrapped in people's make believe opinions. I want to be ready to embrace absolutely anything God has for me, so today; I type my first blog post on my new site and remember this promise.