Meaningful & Powerful Life

The Word (Jesus) gave LIFE to everything that was created. His life brought LIGHT.

The LIGHT shines in the darkness and the darkness can NEVER extinguish it.
John 1:1-5

'He gave life to everything' literally meaning not only life like we know it, but He gave us power to live and grow in Him. He gave us meaningful and purposeful existence.* He gives us life which in the original language means: life real and genuine, active and vigorous for God, devoted to Him and blessed because of that devotion not only in this life but forever and ever.*

'His life brought us light' which means He brought us the truth about who we are and how He loves us. His life/truth shines in the darkness of our hearts, not just when we accept Him but continually (the pruning ouch!) and the darkness can never extinguish the power of His light (His truth) in our lives with Him.

This is encouraging to me for two reasons.

1) He has given me a meaningful and powerful existence in Him. Most days just feel blah, same old, yada yada, but these days are exactly what He made me for and they are meaningful and powerful.

2) I can get so discouraged by the darkness in my heart. Same old sins. But these verses are encouragement to me that even though it seems like that to me, His truth, His life and light are shining in and on my heart and the darkness is never stronger or greater than His light.