Confessions & Reminders from a Week at the Beach


Confessions and Reminders from this week at the beach: 

1) CONFESSION: Sometimes at my house I have trouble focusing on my people because I am task oriented.

REMINDER: It's good for me and my family to get out of our norm. It helps us all spend quality time together. 


2) CONFESSION: I get weird about rest. I wear myself out sometimes because I feel lazy if I rest.

REMINDER:  Rest of all kinds is both good, necessary, and did this body some good! 


3) CONFESSION: I don't take enough time to bask in the beauty of God's creation.

REMINDER: Sitting out looking into the waves of the unending ocean, I remember how big and great my God really is. 



I'm incredibly thankful for a week of quality family time and beautiful reminders of sweet life really is.