"There is Hope" Day 2

Today's verses:

1  He who takes refuge in the shelter of the Most High will be safe in the shadow of the Almighty.

2 He will say to God, “My shelter, my mighty fortress,
my God, I place all my trust in You.”

3 For He will rescue you from the snares set by your enemies who entrap you
and from deadly plagues.

4 Like a bird protecting its young, God will cover you with His feathers,
will protect you under His great wings;
His faithfulness will form a shield around you, a rock-solid wall to protect you.

Psalm 91:1-4


Today's Prayer:

Jesus, you are a faithful God. Even when we feel like you aren't there, you are. You never leave us. You see us, and know all. Thank you. Help us to lean in to you today pouring all of our trust in you. We cannot do this without your help. Give us faith in our unbelief.

There are so many distractions, so many things to run to before going to you. Help us to run to you first, resting in the promise that "as we run to you, your faithfulness will form a shield around us." Thank you for being a good Father to us. We love you. Amen.  



 Today's Song:

"The Lord Our God" by Kristian Stanfill


Reason behind "There is Hope" & Day 1