Birthday & Giveaway

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, so I decided to jot down some thoughts on life at 32....

5 Thoughts about Life at 32


1) Moving will not kill a person.

Although it has felt like moving might kill me or make me kill someone else, it is possible to move 9 times in 10 years and survive.


2) Getting older is not so bad, especially if your spouse looks older than you do.

Joy entered my heart when I realized Adam would get gray hair way before me. Is that vain? Oh well.


3) Family is everything.

We may fight, fuss, and get each other sick, but family is where it's at. They are the safe people, we cannot get rid of each other, and there is goodness in that!


4) It's serious fun being married to a foodie.

You know the two motto's "Eat to Live" or "Live to Eat." I 'eat to live' and Adam 'lives to eat.' He is always thinking about the next fun meal we will have and I definitely reap the benefits, especially when I'm pregnant. Food tastes so much better when your pregnant. Can I get an amen?! 


5) Mini vans are way more awesome than I once thought.

Not only does my mini van have sliding doors, which has saved me thousands of dollars from my kids opening up doors and hitting other cars when I park, it also can store the endless amount of junk my kids accumulate and is a wonderful reminder that my dreams of being a soccer mom have truly come to fruition.


Can you relate to any of these?




Also, for fun I am doing a GIVEAWAY today in lieu of my birthday yesterday! I am related by marriage to a super talented calligraphy artist (if that's what you call her, I'm not sure) and she is giving away 3 prints today, anything from her "SHOP" section at!


All you have to do is enter your e-mail address in the comments below and I will randomly select three winners!


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Here are some examples of Rachel's incredible work!