The Church

Praying for all today as we enter this mysterious place called “the church.”

The place where we, by our very entering, exclaim, "I need help; I need people beside me and above all, I need Jesus.”

A place many feel loved, accepted, welcome, and found and a place others feel unsure, guarded, rejected, or harmed.

I am thankful for the rich community church can provide, deep friendships that catapult growth in Christ and yet, I am acutely familiar with the pain the church can cause as well.

Tish Harrison Warren says it beautifully, “I take hope in what the church will one day become-that we, (the church) despite our sin, failure, and pain, will one day be made new in Christ.”

Whether you find yourself on the loved side or the harmed side of the church, my prayer today is that we focus in on our Savior, the one who died for our sins.

In this place, our souls can offer Him a language of praise through songs with Christians around the world, and allow the spirit to open our hearts to the teaching of His word, not leaving behind our joys and sorrows but bringing them to His feet.

He is good; He is constant and He is always willing to give us more of Himself if we ask. Thankfully He sustains us with exactly what we need, many times through the joy, pain, and healing that comes from this peculiar mystery we call “the church.”